Corr-Rum-ba Mojito Cocktail

A Classico Mojito:


1. Put a couple of lime wedges and 2 tsp        of caster sugar into the bottom of              your glass. Give the wedges a squeeze       with a spoon and mix it all around.

2. Add around 10 mint leaves and again      mix around, whilst lightly pressing            down on the mint.

3. Add ice (preferably crushed) to the           glass, until 3/4 full.

4. Add two parts Corr-Rum-ba Silver        to one part soda water (50ml:25ml)

5. Give it a really good stir, top up with        more ice and add a sprig of mint to            garnish 

The Classic Vodka Martini:

1. Pack ice into a mixing glass.

2. Add 60ml of VodCorr79 and        7.5ml of Carpano Dry                  Vermouth

3. Stir and strain into a chilled      Martini Glass 

4. Add a twisted Lemon zest to      garnish

The Espresso Martini:

1. Pack a mixing glass                full of ice.

2. Add 45ml of VodCorr79,    15ml of Kahlua, a double             shot of espresso and 15ml           sugar syrup.

3. Shake well and strain into a      chilled Martini saucer.

4. Add three coffee beans to          garnish.