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As a rum drinker, i'm very excited about our new brand. Rum is not the easiest of spirit to create, which is why i have great satisfaction when we get to bring a batch to market.


We now have a podium full: Gold, Silver and Spiced for you to enjoy. Whether you enjoy a mojito, daiquiri, or a classic rum punch, these are the perfect base for your chosen cocktail. Sit back and envisage yourself in the warm Caribbean, but with a taste of home in your hand.

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VodCorr Spirits

Tastes change with age. As a young lad beer was always the "go to" drink. However, as I've grown so have my tastes. During my early career I became a wine specialist for a leading retail company. I enjoyed nothing better than a nice glass of young acidic white from a hot climate, full of citrusy flavours, leaving a nicely cleansed palate. Or in the colder months, a beautiful spicy Shiraz from the South American continent. Now I enjoy sipping on a beautifully crafted spirit. That's why, in 2015, when someone made a throw away comment, I got to thinking....

VodCorr Limited was then born through my own vision, dreams and hard graft to make it a reality. In 2018 I began my first distillation operation. 2019 promises to be a massive year as I now set to bring it all to life. British ingredients and culture will be at the heart of everything we do. No pretence, just honest crafted spirits for all to enjoy.

Our vision: To produce delicious spirits at a tasty price! We thrive to produce our products from fully sustainable agricultural produce with zero environmental impact.

"Small Batch spirits often come at a price. My aim is to make them more affordable for all to enjoy."

Patrick Corr

English Produced Spirit

Made from local raw ingredients

VodCorr Spirits runs it's distillery in the North of Hampshire. We continually seek to source all our raw ingredients here within our own Isles to ensure we produce wholly English product. 

All our spirits are created in small batch, ensuring that you get the chance to enjoy a truly handcrafted delight. We hope that you enjoy our English Rum or English Vodka as much as we do.



TEL: 07858 943827 / VODCORR@GMAIL.COM
12 St. Anthony Road, Sherborne Fields, Basingstoke.

RG24 9XP

VodCorrSpirit Distillery 2019

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